Your Safety Coordinators: Hobbit and Kell

Your Safety Coordinators: Hobbit and Kell

John (left) and Russell (right)

Hobbit, or Russell has been attending BtW since 2005. The first few hours on the land were unforgettable. Over the years that passion has carried over into sharing that experience, bringing new faces to the event, and serving the Gathering. In 2007 he moved to Columbus and joined GFG. He has been a part of the Brotherhood of the Spectrum Blade since 2007, serving as one of the first volunteers, then initiate, and then High Priest.

Between the Worlds brings together several different spiritual paths. Over the years Russell has been drawn to a particular path, American traditional witchcraft, and is working toward initiation in the Anderson Tradition. He is also a Reiki master and an intuitive healer with a focusing on therapeutic massage, logging over 5000 hours of practice and being the most requested therapist at his location.

Domestically he is in a poly relationship with Kell and they are more than just dating Bernie.

Phillip (also known by John or Kell) has been an active member of the gathering’s community since first attending in 2008. After volunteering with the Brotherhood of the Spectrum Blade and initiating, he is now one of the leadership of the security team for the gathering. He has been an initiated for five years into the Brotherhood, and has enjoyed watching over and caring for his brothers during the event.

Phillip has been a practicing Pagan for over twenty years.  He started out as an eclectic solitary in the Wicca traditions, but eventually moved into a gnosis worship of the Hellenic/Greek gods – specifically Apollo, Athena, and Persephone.  Outside of Between the Worlds and the Brotherhood, Phillip has a long history of community service and service organizations, including Boy/Girl Scouts.  Currently, his day job is as a pharmacy technician for a Medicaid managed care insurance plan. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with his partners.

Countdown: 142 days!