Your Gate Coordinator: Ryan

Hello everyone. My name is Ryan and I am your Gate Coordinator. This will be my second independent year in this role having shared it with Drake 3 BTWs ago. So I will the first person to great you, most likely, as you arrive at Wisteria’s gates.  I would start off like everyone else and tell you how many years I have been attending BTW but I don’t have my bracelets on to count.


Throughout the gathering you will hear me called many names. I answer to Ryan, Rowan which was my Craft name when I first started attending Between the World, and Roxy. Roxy Codone is my Drag name and you will most likely meet her on the infamous eve of Komos or maybe as the MC for The No Talent Show.


In terms of my Spiritual path I am a Witch who has a love for Green Magick, Herbalism & Kitchen Witchery. I am the Deputy Minister for the Temple of Witchcraft’s Cancer Ministry.  I am also a teacher and co-creator of Drops of Three, an online store.


On a personal note I tend to be a bit of an introvert unless I have the assistance of Roxy or few cocktails so if you see me please say hi. I look forward to seeing my Between the Worlds Family new and old (and I am not just talking about the B.O.O.F.s).

BTW Countdown: 114 days!