Your Community Coordinator: Matt

Matt began attending BTW in 2011 and has been Community Coordinator since 2013. He is passionate about community awareness, spiritual development, and fusing the two. Some of his favorite phrases include “co-created”, “numinous”, “by it’s very definition”, and “now the dancing begins!”

Spiritually, Matt is a member of the Reclaiming tradition, which he glibly describes as “eco-anarcho-hippie witches, intent on changing the world.” With experience in Catholicism, Neo-Paganism, Western ceremonial magic, mysticism, the scientific academy, theater, intentional community, and self-help circles, he appreciates an artfully crafted ritual, but can’t help but ask of magic: “But, did it *work*? And, for what value of ‘work’?”

Matt lives in Portland, OR, and has a job because: Capitalism! He likes games, reading, cooking, and many other pleasant things.

Matt sincerely believes that Between the Worlds is an amazing opportunity for Queer Men who love Men to experience healing, growth (not always pleasant), and joy together and loves to facilitate, support, or empower more men to have and lead those kinds of experiences. Everybody say it with me again: co-created!

BTW Countdown: 118 days!!