Veles – 2018

For Between the Worlds 2018, our patron is Veles. Also called Volos and Weles, Veles is the Slavic god of the underworld, the waters, animals, and the forests. As the keeper of the realm of the dead, Veles is a walker between the worlds of the living and the dead who knows past, present, and future. As a god of the earth and waters he walks between the worlds of the wild and the civilized as he is Lord of the Forest and patron of the animals as well as master of cattle and protector of the wealth and prosperity of family and clan. He shows us a way beyond our comforts and into deeper and wilder mysteries. In 2017 Agni taught us to tend our fires and make offerings to reach the divine. In 2018 we step beyond the fire’s light and into the wild, the underworld, and seek what wisdom and transformation might be had to ensure our peace and prosperity.