The Deities of BtW – 2023

Between the Worlds 2023 will be celebrating all the deities we have honored at our gathering over the years. BTW originally started out with a focus on Dionysus and Hecate, but as the gathering grew and our community became more diverse, we began to include deities, heroes, and cultural figures from many traditions. Our current list includes:

2006 Ganesha
2007 Odin
2008 Dagda
2009 Kokpelli
2010 Melek Taus (The Peacock God)
2011 Pan
2012 Quetzalcoatl
2013 Anubis
2014 The Monkey King
2015 Apollo
2016 Mani
2017 Agni
2018 Veles
2019 Queer Ancestors
2022 Inari

As you can see, we have drawn from a wide range of inspiration and traditions to shape our gathering.
Please join us this year as we honor all of these past patrons.