The Ancestors of Queer Spirits – 2019

For Between the Worlds 2019, our patron(s) are the Ancestors of Queer Spirits. For nearly two decades, our gathering has explored and celebrated a wide diversity of patron figures. Each one has offered different lessons and guided us to different inspirations. In 2019 we come to the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a pivotal moment in the history of Queer people. With this in mind, our patron, our source of themes, exploration, and inspiration for 2019 will be our Queer Ancestors and Queer Spirit itself! Our Queer Ancestors include those of blood and those of spirit, the famed and the familial, the known and the unknown. Together we honor them, celebrate them, and seek through them better understanding of our history, our selves, and our own roles in shaping the world our descendants will inherit. In 2018 we heard the words of the wild and the earthy call of Veles to seek beyond our comforts. Now in 2019 with the flow of our Queer Ancestors at our backs, we find the divine thread of Queer Spirit to claim and reclaim our power, our place, and our peace.