Discarded Mischief – Entertainment 2022

Discarded Mischief is a unique blend of musicians that have come together to form an eclectic rock band.  We blend Americana, Pop, Rock, and Irish songs to create an exciting, fun brand of music. Discarded Mischief has played for over 50,000 people at festivals and events around Ohio. Whether it’s headlining St. Patty’s Day events, rocking private events or being played on local radio every time you hear them you know they are having fun.  Discarded Mischief is all about getting with friends, enjoying music, having fun, maybe drinking a pint or two…all with a gleam in our eyes and a hint of mischief.

Justin Hiltner – Entertainment 2022

“Justin Hiltner is a queer, disabled, IBMA Award-nominated banjo player, songwriter, and music writer most recently heard on the Peabody Award-winning podcast Dolly Parton’s America. His debut record, Watch It Burn, made with longtime co-writer Jon Weisberger, was released in 2018; Silver Dagger, an A side/B side single featuring two Dolly covers, “Silver Dagger” …