Sun Wukong – 2014

For Between the Worlds 2014 our patron was Sun Wukong. Often better known in the West as The Monkey King, Sun Wukong is a classical trickster hero of Chinese folklore and Taoist and Buddhist mythologies. A master of shape-shifting and tomfoolery, Sun Wukong both delighted and tormented the figures of heaven. Not only an adventuresome trickster, he is also a dynamic figure, who embarks on a long, arduous, and transformative journey of redemption after a long imprisonment, and becomes a hero to all those who walk a long and hard path to become wiser than before. From the careful weighing and introspection of Anubis in 2013 we seek from Sun Wukong the inspiration to be made full of light and delight and to undertake our own journeys of discovery, learning mastery and humility, joy and wisdom, exuberance and patience on the way. The story of Sun Wukong’s travels is immortalized in the classic of Chinese literature Journey to the West.