Sparky T. Rabbit – Keynote 2007

Sparky T. Rabbit – singer, songwriter, ritual-maker, and gadfly – has created and performed rituals from the mountains of Colorado to the steps of the Supreme court in Washington DC. He as worked and played with radical faeries, “changing” men and “Iron Johnnies”, Witches and Wiccans and Heathens (oh my!), artists of various stripes, and bears of many shapes and sizes. To keep folks on their toes, he and his friends have been stirring the cauldron on a regular basis, both at festivals and in local Pagan communities.

He has been writing songs and chants for decades. In the early 90’s, he and his singing partner Greg Johnson released two albums of seminal Pagan music as the a cappella duo Lunacy. Sparky and his work have appeared in numerous publications, including Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler, The pagan Book of Living and Dying by Starhawk and M. Macha NightMare, Never Again the Burning Times by Loretta Orion, and Witchcraft Today edited by Chas H. Clifton. He also knows a thing or two about consensus process.

For the last nine years, he has been exploring the religious heritage of his Swedish and German ancestors. Known among Heathens by his family name Bruner Soderberg, he is Freyr’s friend.