Registration Opens 2015!

Welcome to March, Brothers! That means it’s everyone’s favorite time of year — OPEN REGISTRATION! You’re excited, we’re excited, everyone’s ready for the mists of Brigadoon to dissipate and the best little gay town in the big woods opens up! Sadly, it’s still six months away, but you can now start registering to stand with us among the tribe of men that you help create.

There are some changes to registration this year:

  • The registration form has been completely revamped, and will hopefully make it easier to get through registration. It’s more visually appealing and more straight forward.
  • When you submit your registration, you’ll automatically get a copy of your registration emailed to you.
  • The Ganesha Scholarship form is now integrated within the registration form.
  • You can now pay for more than one registration at a time; however, everyone needs to submit a registration.

There are also some good changes to the website as well:

  • Obviously, we have a new blog for updates and announcements! If you have anything that you’d like us to showcase or explain more deeply, email us and let us know!
  • Website is 25% wider for better viewing
  • Trans policy updated now reflected within the covenants and FAQ
  • A contact us form is now available that will relay a message to the appropriate party. (all medical information is sent to medical coordinators only)
  • News flasher/ticker on sidebar to announce specific info has been up
  • GFG, Coordinators, and BotSB pics updated
  • Back-end code cleaned up for easy updating and smaller footprint

Dane also has a few upcoming surprises for the webpage as well that will be unveiled in the coming months.

One thing that we do want to point out is the staggered closing dates for registration. We need to have all of the registration payments in by August 15. That means that, if you’re mailing in payments, they need to be postmarked by August 8. If you’re paying by PayPal, you have until August 15. If you’re paying in multiple installments, all of the cost of that needs to be to us by August 15. If other arrangements need to be made for your payments, please email Gregory to make those arrangements. He’s more than willing to work with you on those.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, email us and let us know.

Let’s start this, Brothers! Let the countdown begin!