Máni – 2016

For Between the Worlds 2016, our patron was Máni. In Norse and Germanic lore, Máni, the “Man in the Moon”, is tasked with the movement of the moon across the sky, its transition and phases set forth to mark cycles and the passage of time. A guide and protector and a bearer of light in the darkness, Máni is pursued at all times by the great wolf who is called Hate, who will catch and swallow the moon at the coming of Ragnarök. Like his sister Sól/Sunna, who guides the sun, Máni shows us powerful things about endurance and perseverance in the face of that which would conquer or destroy us. As we found inspiration and healing in our 2015 patron, Apollo, may Máni and the light in the night grant us strength and guidance to empower our efforts both individually and as one tribe.