Gede Parma (Fio) – 2014 Keynote

For Between the Worlds 2014, our keynote: Gede Parma (Fio) is an initiate of traditional and contemporary Witchcraft and has written three books on the

subjects of Western Paganism,Witchcraft and Shamanic-Ecstatic Technique. Gede was born in Bali and is of Balinese and Anglo-Irish descent, and grew up in Queensland, Australia where he helped to co-found the WildWood Tradition of Witchcraft. She experienced the phenomenon of shamanic sickness at the age of 13 and shamanic dismemberment at the age of 18. Don’t worry – he was rebirthed! Gede is the descendant of healers and seers on both sides of hir ancestry.

Gede experiences hirself as non-gendered or ‘genderful’ (as you may have

noticed) and prefers no particular pronouns. In fact many of ze’s beloveds refer to him as ‘pudding’. Trans or queer experiences of (non)gender are a sacred thread in the rich tapestry that is shamanism the world over. 

Gede spends his time actively promoting conscious engagement with Place and the Planet, teaching and writing about Witchcraft and Magic, and deepening connection with the Many Bright and Cunning Spirits that people this Cosmos. Ze is also a Reclaiming Witch, a modern tradition of the Craft co-founded by several individuals in California, most famously Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance. Reclaiming does the work of (re)uniting politics with spirituality and is an activist and ecofeminist expression of Witchcraft and Paganism.

Gede is devoted to wonder, awe, connection, reclamation of paradise, erotic theology, beholding beloveds, love, truth and wisdom. You may find Gede’s books, writings, classes, and updates at