BTW2020 and COVID-19

Attendees of Between the Worlds,

During this time of international crisis, we know that its difficult to look towards the future and better times. But the members of Green Faerie Grove and the town council of Between the Worlds want you all to know that we are actively monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19. Since our event in September, we don’t anticipate any issues. However, we are in communication with Wisteria about their plans for the upcoming season and how that might affect our preparation for the event. If anything changes, we will absolutely let you know.

Since this is such a chaotic time, we know that many of you are holding off on making choices about travel and events. We are extending the early registration pricing for Between the Worlds 2020 out to July 1, so that you can take the time you need to feel comfortable about registering and arranging your schedule without facing extra costs.

Please stay safe and healthy and practice good hygiene. Now is a perfect time to enjoy some solitary time in nature, enjoying the renewal of the land around you and the increased sunshine. Take care of yourself and we will see you in the fall.

Thank you,
GFG and BTW staff