Brotherhood of the Spectrum Blade

The Brotherhood of the Spectrum Blade
(BSB) is the safety and security group for the Between the Worlds Men’s Gathering, founded by Akesios (aka Boden) and SpiritWolf. The SpiritWolf Akesios Lodge is named so in their honor. The Brotherhood is dedicated to serving and protecting the attendees of the gathering, overseeing the Security, First Aid, and Counseling aspects of Between the Worlds. Because of this, membership in the BSB requires a full-time commitment to safety duties during the festival; however, daily downtime is scheduled for each member. The Brotherhood acts like an order of service within the BTW Community. The High Priests are Lynx and Kell. If you are interested in possibly joining the Brotherhood of the Spectrum Blade, or if you just have questions about the group and its functions, please email the Brotherhood at: