Between the Worlds Event Site

BTW is held at 4 Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary in Southern Pennsylvania.
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190 Walker Ln, Artemas PA 17211

In early to mid-Sept, the area has an average high temperature is 85°F, and the average low-temperature is 64°F. The average heat index (a.k.a. ‘feels like’, ‘apparent temperature’), which combines relative humidity and air temperature, in September is computed to be 86.5°F. Check the forecast for Southern Pennsylvania ahead of time and plan to bring an appropriate mix of clothing, emphasising light layers. If you aren’t dancing around a bonfire, chances are you may get a bit chilly at night. Plan to bring sleeping bags, blankets, etc. for this reason, as well. With the weather, you should plan for the unexpected. Make sure that your tent is water-repellent and leak proof. Ensure your tent and belongings are adequately secured in case of wind. Use waterproof containers to store items that might be damaged by rain. Bunk House is not heated or air-conditioned, so please plan accordingly.

The campsite has natural terrain that includes ridges, ravines, water, and uneven terrain. Please use caution when walking, especially in wet weather, and keep within the campground boundaries. Even within the campground itself, walking and hiking can be a strenuous endeavor. If you have mobility challenges, you may wish to bring a helper as staff will not be able to provide individual assistance. Two marked nature trails are open for hiking. Please do not wander off the trails, as ravines and other terrain challenges can be treacherous. Take a buddy along when hiking, if possible.

You may encounter a variety of wildlife in the area. The site is home to wild animals such as deer, beaver, lizards, salamanders, turtles, coyotes, wolves, and bears. Birds such as bluebirds, scarlet tanagers, wild turkeys, and nesting hawks may be spotted. Most of the snakes one may encounter are non-poisonous – however, the eastern timber rattler is indigenous to this region. Additionally, one may encounter black widow spiders and ticks, particularly at the edges of the forest and in woodpiles, so use reasonable caution. The chance of encountering brown recluse spiders is slim, but possible in wooded areas. And, as always, one will almost invariably encounter mosquitoes, so come prepared!

Bunk House
Bunk house has adult sized bunks and semi private Bunk Rooms in a shared open space.  A mattress pad is provided, but you are responsible for providing your own bedding.The Bunk has lights,multiple outlets, a fire extinguisher, and a walkie-talkie. Bunk house has its own flush toilets and token-operated showers.  There is no smoking permitted in the cabins. No loud music in the shared space. Be respectful of your neighbours & shared spaces.Please take note of Bunkhouse rules that are posted. 

4 Quarters Showers are token operated. $1 gets you 2 tokens and each token gets you approximately 3.5 minutes of shower. This is to conserve water. As part of registration/checkin you will receive a set amount of tokens along with your other event goodies that are already paid for. Save water, shower with a friend!

Food & Drink 

Ensure you have sufficient provisions to last through the event to minimise trips out of the campground. You may bring your own grill, propane cook-stove, or hibachi to cook on, or you may utilise the fire braziers provided for the cabin areas; however, you must make sure your cooking device is off the ground and not damaging the grass or soil below or around it. Picnic tables and chairs are generally not provided at the campsites, although there is seating at Dragon Cafe. 

On Site Provisions
Firewood & ice are available for purchase on site via the Dragon Cafe. 4 Quarters manages the sale,price, and times of operation of the Dragon Cafe.  They extended us the courtesy of operating on an honour system after hour needs. 

There is no Public Wifi at 4 Quarters.
Cellular service can be spotty within the campground, especially in the lower sections of camp. Please Plan accordingly. 

For more information please visit