Auction Tent update for BtW 2016

Hello everyone! I’m Joe Berlik, One of your Auction Tent Coordinators this year.
My partner in crime co-coordinator is James Vacca! We’ve got a lot going on so, I’ll dive right in!

The Between the Worlds Auction Tent is where you can find all kinds of amazing items for sale, up for auction, and as prizes! We will have mugs for sale as well as a limited quantity of t-shirts from past years. We will have our traditional raffle tickets available at the following price points: 1 for $1.00, 6 for $5.00, 13 for $10.00, 26 for $20.00, an inseam for $15.00 or a double inseam for $25.00. The prizes for the raffle come from all of you! So be sure to look around for donations to bring with you. Top prize in the raffle is a free admission to next year’s Between the Worlds festival so buy early and buy often!

In addition to the raffle, we will have the very popular Silent Auction! As with the raffle, all auction items are donated by you. Are you crafty? Do you have something that seemed great at the time but just isn’t right anymore? Donating to the auction or raffle are great ways to help us keep Between the Worlds going!

We also have something new and fun for our 15th anniversary! This year the Auction Tent will have scratch off lottery tickets. Sold for $1.00 apiece, every ticket is a winner! We will have a limited quantity of these available each day. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Prizes range from one raffle ticket all the way up to another free admission to next year’s Between the Worlds!

You heard that right! This year we will have 2 free admissions up for grabs! So please visit, browse, donate and spread the word about the Between the Worlds Auction Tent!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Joe Berlik and James Vacca