Apollo – 2015

For Between the Worlds 2015, our patron was Apollo. One of the Olympians of Greece, Apollo enjoyed a wide area of influence, including much of the Mediterranean, presiding over truth and light, healing, and archery, to name only a few. His oracle at Delphi supplied the peoples of Greece and Rome with a voice to the Gods, providing counsel and prophecy, while holding a high position of respect for several centuries. He was also the god of music, and leader of the muses in their positions over the arts. For us, Apollo provides us with one of the more human of the gods: in his tales, he experiences triumph, anger, rejection, and loss. In one aspect in particular, Apollo provides us with an example of our own tribe in the divine through his relationships with mortal men whose tales made it through the ages to us. May He share with our gathering his blessings, whether through inspiration, revelation, or continued health.