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Between The Worlds
A Spiritual Gathering For Men Who Love Men

Facilitators & Coordinators

Many volunteers help to make Between the Worlds happen each year. In particular, the Gathering is run by two co-facilitators and a group of dedicated Coordinators.


Between the Worlds was founded by facilitators Garan Du and Ea and is put on by the Green Faerie Grove of Columbus, Ohio.  The current co-facilitators for the gathering are:

  1. J.R. (Otter) evolved from a philosophical Taoist and existentialist to the eclectic pagan and Kitchen Witch he is today. Following a 16 year career of community organizing, teaching, and presenting public ritual with the Covenant of Brighid's Haven in his home town, Otter has turned his attention to deepening his connection with wild spaces and has hiked and pilgrimaged over 600 miles in the forests and gorges and around the lakes of the Allegheny Plateau. He lives in Erie, Pennsylvania, not far from the shores of his beloved lake.

  2. Shane (Coyote Shadow) is President of the Green Faerie Grove

Coordinators function as part of the BTW staff for the duration of the gathering, as well as participating in the planning and organizing of each event. They are responsible for key positions and duties within the community to ensure that the event runs safely and smoothly. This generally requires a mix of skills, as well as the dedication of time that might otherwise be spent on other pursuits.

In compensation for this service, persons who volunteer and are accepted to fill Coordinator positions at BTW will, upon satisfactory completion of their duties, be refunded one-half of their registration fee for the event. Coordinator positions and their associated duties include:

  1. Security. Responsible for the safety and security of the event. These persons will, ideally, possess a police background or military service.

  2. First Aid. Responsible for responding to medical emergencies. These persons must, at minimum, possess a current Red Cross certification in First Aid and CPR.

  3. Counseling. Responsible for tending to the mental health of the gathering attendees. Provides counseling to attendees, as necessary, and advice to BTW facilitators on situations as they may arise. These persons will, ideally, possess a background in the mental health or social service professions.

  4. Community. Responsible for maintaining the heart of the Community, the Queer Spirit Altar and Town Green, and for set-up and clean-up before and after Komos.

  5. Drumming. Responsible for coordinating drumming at rituals, morning meetings, and the community drum circle.

  6. Fire-Tending. Responsible for tending the main Sacred Fire on the Community Green and other ritual and community fires as needed.

  7. Gate. Responsible for overseeing the gate, checking-in attendees, and managing departures and arrivals to and from the festival.

  8. Heralding. Responsible for coordinating announcements of gathering events, schedule changes, and emergency notifications

  9. Public Relations. Responsible for Community outreach to promote BTW.

  10. Torch-Lighting. Responsible for coordinating the placement, filling, and lighting of torches where and when they are needed.

  11. Work-Shift. Responsible for coordinating volunteers to staff the needs of the other Coordinator positions.

These positions are generally filled with standing appointees. Please contact The Green Faerie Grove for more information