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Between The Worlds
A Spiritual Gathering For Men Who Love Men

Previous Years Entertainment
Each year, BtW strives for an entertainer

Dragon Ritual Drummers - 2016
The Dragon Ritual Drummers celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2010. The six-man band is renowned for their intense, creative, and powerful performances that have made them the world’s number one tribal drum troupe. We are honored to have them as musical guests at Between the Worlds 2011. You can find out more about the group, including samples of their music, at their website:

Jeff Rockcub - 2014
Jeff grew up in southeastern Indiana and was raised on rock, country, blues, funk and soul. In 1979 his mom bought him his first guitar and introduced him to the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson while his dad cranked Meryl Haggard, Willie Nelson and other country artists in an old International Truck.

Moving into high school he stumbled on the likes of the 80's sound and saw his first concert, KISS. Performing in front of those that would watch and listen was inevitable after seeing that spectacle. His first taste of performing live came during high school in a band called Rock Slide.

After graduation he joined the military and during his 8 year career he performed in Seattle, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Europe. Being on the move and not being stationed in one place too long forced him to develop an acoustic show with alternative versions of songs from the radio. During these years of traveling around the songwriter was born.

Upon returning home from the military to Indiana in 1991 Jeff began doing acoustic shows 4 or 5 nights a week. Soon he landed a lead vocalist spot and helped form Maker Hollow which later changed the name to The Hollow. They released their self titled CD in 1998.

After forming a few rock bands including 6 Again, who also released a self title disc, Jeff found himself fronting another country band in 2004. Ridge Runner has continued developing their high energy show and writing music over the years while performing regionally near Jeff's hometown. While recording 2 releases with Ridge Runner on the SOL Record label Jeff also found time to release his first official solo disc, Love, Lust and Dancin' in 2012. The slow haunting version of "You're The One That I Want" was released as a single as well as on video and has been a staple at solo shows.

Currently Jeff is finishing up a new side project called Dirty Water Revival which leans more to a funk rock infused exploration of love, loss and discovery having come out on Oct 21, 2013.

Challenging himself daily, Jeff is constantly writing songs and performing while his fan base is continuing to grow each and every day. Jeff finds he can best express his life, heart and love through music and is very excited to see what the future holds for him!

Richard Cortez - 2013
Since founding his independent record label, Wollenberg Records, in the fall of 2004, folk rocker Richard Cortez has been taking the indie music scene by storm one busted guitar string at a time. Named best of South Florida's male entertainer of the year '07, Cortez has appeared at Ft. Lauderdale, Charlotte, South Carolina and Milwaukee Pride festivals with legendary musicians and television personalities like Rupaul, Kathy Griffin, Joan Rivers, Bruce Vilanch, Patti Labelle and Melissa Ferrick.

When Richard Cortez takes the stage, he doesn't just "sing" his original material – he performs it! Recalling every bittersweet heartache or laugh-out-loud life experience with an earnestness and sincerity as if it had just happened to him, Richard cortez truly raises the standard for what an audience member should expect in a world filled with aspiring singer-songwriters. having played both intimate coffee house stages and power house festivals with crowds by the thousands. Find out more at

Tom Goss - 2012
Tom Goss is a unique voice among gay singer-songwriters–a former Catholic seminarian turned guitar-toting troubadour whose heartfelt lyrics, hooky melodies and quirky charm have earned him a dedicated national following.

Since he started performing in DC coffeehouses in 2006, the tireless 29-year-old hasn't let any moss grow under his trademark flip flops: two full-length CDs (Naked Withoutand Back to Love), two EPs (Rise and The Politics of Love), a live DVD (Live At Terry's), four music videos–two rose to the #1 and #2 viewer–choice slots on MTV’s LOGO network–and nearly 500 shows in 100 cities nationwide. His latest CD, Turn It Around,releases April 12, supported by a ten-week, 50-city tour. Find out more at his website:

Dragon Ritual Drummers - 2011
The Dragon Ritual Drummers celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2010. The six-man band is renowned for their intense, creative, and powerful performances that have made them the world’s number one tribal drum troupe. We are honored to have them as musical guests at Between the Worlds 2011. You can find out more about the group, including samples of their music, at their website:

Scott Free - 2011
Scott Free, queer-rock singer/songwriter extraordinaire, is one of America's leading openly-gay male artists. His sometimes humerous, sometimes angry, always touching songs of queer life have gained him acclaim in both gay and straight media around the world. He is the host and curator of the bimonthly "Homolatte" in Chicago, the longest running queer performance series in the country. His website is:

Kendall Kelly - 2010

Azar - 2010
Mr. Russell (Azar) has performed for the past 30 years throughout the United States and the Bahamas, as a featured magician, at Renaissance Faires and historical events, at comedy clubs and murder mystery shows, and as a historical magician at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. As a specialist in antiquarian magic, "William the Conjuror" entertains a wide variety of audiences in historical costume and shares his love of history, as well as his quick wit, bawdy humor (when encouraged), and master manipulative skill. Mr. Russell is a graduate of the Chavez College of Magic and Showmanship.

KC Wilkderson - 2009
BTW is also pleased to welcome recording artist KC Wilkerson to our stage. KC hails from Chicago and characterizes himself as a FOLK-ROCKER. He traverses the Pagan festival circuit singing songs that honor the environment, human rights, and modern relationships. His CDs – Facets (2008), Tattooed Lady (2007), and Run, Jump, Fly (2002) – and current regional tour dates can be found at his web site

Mac Apodaca of SevenRepeat - 2008
SevenRepeat is a one man band from Sacramento, CA. Influenced by groups such as Depeche Mode, NIN, Bjork, God Lives Underwater, and Lords of Acid, SevenRepeat's industrial pop sound was nominated in the New Mexico "MIC" Awards for the song "3 Hard Minutes" in 2002. SevenRepeat's two CDs are Original Sins. Music and current regional tour dates can be found at

Jeff Altergott - 2007 & 2006
Born and raised within earshot of the sprawling Chicago music scene, Jeff was a player in its ranks for over a decade. He got his start as half of the acoustic duo Carnival of Faith. The group released two CDs and was invited to contribute a track to premier acoustic venue Uncommon Ground's compilation, Uncommon Ground Coffeehouse Sampler (Volume I).

Jeff kicked off his solo career with the art-folk CD, "Little Blue Record Player" (1997), touted by Chicago Reader's Monica Kendrik to have "bite and funk and a sense of wonder". Rough, raw and's a collection of songs inspired largely by literature that is still being discovered by new fans of Jeff's music. Altergott's sophomore release was the hopeful melancholy that is "Icarus Grounded" (2000). It's release prompted the Chicago Tribune to feature Altergott in its Artist Watch and then on their Metromix television program. The cut "Whiter than White" received accolades and airplay on WXRT's Local Anesthetic. Halfway around the world, LinuxTag handpicked the title track for the first OpenSource music compilation CD, which has been released in Europe. Producers of Discovery Channel's Outward Bound series licensed the tracks "Icarus Grounded" and "Holding Hands with a Leper" for episode soundtracks. Jeff's latest musical offering, "Runt" (2004), is a collection of songs that are as driving as they are thought provoking while passing the speeding-down-the-highway-with-the-windows-rolled-down-sing-along test with flying colors. Quiet, reflective, rowdy and raucous, Runt satisfies true music lovers who long for the individual styling found in the likes of the Indigo Girls and Tom Waits.

In 2004, Altergott also made his debut as a producer on Nobody, et al's Nothing, etc. album. The track "Far to Go" was picked up by Cringe for a compilation CD showcasing the best music in Ohio. Music and current regional tour dates can be found at

Todd Alan - 2005
Todd Alan performs a collection of old and new pagan songs with an acoustic, folksy sound. Todd Alan's Many recordings include: Carry Me Home, Earth Magick, From This Moment On, Live in the Studio, Live at Pantheocon, and Earth Magick. Todd is a founding member of the Wisteria community, and is also a widely known jewelry artist. Learn more about him at:

David Wood - 2002 - 2005
David Wood's high energy pagan rock/soul performances have been a huge hit at previous events. David brings to the stage a high power performance that only a gay wiccan HP could pull off. David Wood is a recording artist based in Columbus, Ohio. His music has been described by local media as the POP/Dance Laternative with a dash of Soul. From High Energy Dance music and soulful ballads, to the erotic and mistical. His music continues to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. David Wood has always sought to become better and more successful, as is evident in each CD he has released and his ever changing apperarnce.