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Between The Worlds
A Spiritual Gathering For Men Who Love Men

Patron Gods from previous Years
Each year, the BtW Councile chooses a patron for the festival, below are past patron dieties:

Agni - 2017
For Between the Worlds 2017, our patron was Agni. God of fire in the Vedic and Hindu traditions, Agni is fire in all its forms from the domestic hearth to the lightning in the sky, to the fire in our bellies. As the sacrificial fire, Agni bears the offerings of man to the gods, the very essence of a walker between worlds. He is the vital spark and the transformative essence that allows what we take in to become what empowers us. Agni is the messenger, the god of priests, and the priest of the gods. He shows us a path to divine connection and offers us warmth, knowledge, inspiration and transformation. He shows us what it can mean to light a fire and make an offering. In 2016 Máni showed us the light in the darkness and the will to persevere even when hatred pursues us. In 2017 we take that perseverance and through Agni seek to connect to things greater than ourselves and to find transformation and empowerment.

Máni - 2016
For Between the Worlds 2016, our patron was Máni. In Norse and Germanic lore, Máni, the “Man in the Moon”, is tasked with the movement of the moon across the sky, its transition and phases set forth to mark cycles and the passage of time. A guide and protector and a bearer of light in the darkness, Máni is pursued at all times by the great wolf who is called Hate, who will catch and swallow the moon at the coming of Ragnarök. Like his sister Sól/Sunna, who guides the sun, Máni shows us powerful things about endurance and perseverance in the face of that which would conquer or destroy us. As we found inspiration and healing in our 2015 patron, Apollo, may Máni and the light in the night grant us strength and guidance to empower our efforts both individually and as one tribe.

Apollo - 2015
For Between the Worlds 2015, our patron was Apollo. One of the Olympians of Greece, Apollo enjoyed a wide area of influence, including much of the Mediterranean, presiding over truth and light, healing, and archery, to name only a few. His oracle at Delphi supplied the peoples of Greece and Rome with a voice to the Gods, providing counsel and prophecy, while holding a high position of respect for several centuries. He was also the god of music, and leader of the muses in their positions over the arts. For us, Apollo provides us with one of the more human of the gods: in his tales, he experiences triumph, anger, rejection, and loss. In one aspect in particular, Apollo provides us with an example of our own tribe in the divine through his relationships with mortal men whose tales made it through the ages to us. May He share with our gathering his blessings, whether through inspiration, revelation, or continued health.

Monkey King - 2014
For Between the Worlds 2014 our patron was Sun Wukong. Often better known in the West as The Monkey King, Sun Wukong is a classical trickster hero of Chinese folklore and Taoist and Buddhist mythologies. A master of shape-shifting and tomfoolery, Sun Wukong both delighted and tormented the figures of heaven. Not only an adventuresome trickster, he is also a dynamic figure, who embarks on a long, arduous, and transformative journey of redemption after a long imprisonment, and becomes a hero to all those who walk a long and hard path to become wiser than before. From the careful weighing and introspection of Anubis in 2013 we seek from Sun Wukong the inspiration to be made full of light and delight and to undertake our own journeys of discovery, learning mastery and humility, joy and wisdom, exuberance and patience on the way. The story of Sun Wukong’s travels is immortalized in the classic of Chinese literature Journey to the West.

Anubis - 2013
For Between the Worlds 2013, our patron god was Anubis, Egyptian god of the dead and funerary rites. He is in particular associated with the "weighing of the heart" the dead are expected to undergo in Duat (the Egyptian underworld) where their worthiness is judged, giving him the title "Guardian of the Scales." Follow the "end of the world" in 2012, the Between the Worlds community looks to honor the god associated with the journey into the afterlife and the weighing of men’s hearts against the feather of Ma’at, representing cosmic or universal justice.

Quetzalcoatl - 2012
For Between the Worlds 2012, our patron god was Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent of Mesoamerican culture. He is god of the winds, associated with the dawn (one of his titles is "Lord of the Star of the Dawn"), the planet Venus, and with arts, crafts, and merchants, as well as being the patron god of the sacred priesthood of learning and knowledge. With the significance of 2012 in the Mesoamerican calendar and cycle of worlds, the Between the Worlds community looks to honor the god associated with the (re-)creation of humanity after the change in worlds.

Pan - 2011
For Between the Worlds 2011, our patron god was Pan, the goat-horned Greek god of pastures, fields, and woodlands. Patron of nymphs and satyrs, wild and merry piper whose music and shouts of delight shall echo through the fields.

Malek Ta'us - 2010
For Between the Worlds 2010, our patron god was Malek Ta'us,

Kokopelli - 2009
For Between the Worlds 2009, our patron god was Kokopelli,

Dagda - 2008
For Between the Worlds 2008, our patron god was Dagda,

Odin - 2007
For Between the Worlds 2007, our patron god was Odin,

Ganesha - 2006
For Between the Worlds 2006, our patron god was Ganesha,

For Between the Worlds prior, our patron deity was Dionysus,