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Between The Worlds
A Spiritual Gathering For Men Who Love Men

The Festival Site

BTW is held at Wisteria: a combination campground, intentional community, and nature preserve in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio. The area includes mixed hardwood forests, rolling hills, streams, and meadows. An abundance of wildlife also inhabits the land.

In mid-September, the area has an average low temperature of 52°F, and an average high of 77°F. The average daily temperature is 67°F in mid-September. Fall-like weather is not uncommon at this time of year, so check the forecast for SE Ohio ahead of time and plan to bring an appropriate mix of clothing, emphasizing light layers. If you aren't dancing around a bonfire, chances are you may get a bit chilly at night. Plan to bring sleeping bags, blankets, etc. for this reason as well. With weather, you should plan for the unexpected. Make sure that your tent is water-repellent and leak-proofed. Set up your campsite so that does not sit in a low spot. Ensure your tent and belongings are adequately secured in case of wind. Use waterproof containers to store items that might be damaged by rain.

The campsite has natural terrain that includes ridges, ravines, water, and uneven terrain. Please use caution when walking, especially in wet weather, and keep within the campground boundaries. Even within the campground itself, walking and hiking can be a strenuous endeavor. If you have mobility challenges, you may wish to bring a helper as staff will not be able to provide for individual assistance. Two marked nature trails (yellow and blue) are open for hiking. Please do not wander off the trails, as ravines and other terrain challenges can be treacherous. Take a buddy along when hiking, if possible.

You may encounter a variety of wildlife in the area. The site is home to wild animals such as deer, beaver, lizards, salamanders, turtles, coyote, wolves, and bear. Birds such as bluebirds, scarlet tanagers, wild turkeys, and nesting hawks may be spotted. Most of the snakes one may encounter are non- poisonous – however, the eastern timber rattler is indigenous to this region. Additionally, one may encounter black widow spiders and ticks, particularly at the edges of the forest and in woodpiles, so use reasonable caution. And, as always, one will almost invariably encounter mosquitoes, so come prepared!

Food & Drink
Attendees should plan on preparing their own food at their campsites unless they purchase a meal plan. To do this, ensure you have sufficient provisions to last through the event to minimize trips out of the campground. You may bring your own grill, propane cook-stove, or hibachi to cook on, or you may utilize the fire rings provided for the campsites. Picnic tables and chairs are generally not provided at the campsites, although there is limited seating at the coffeehouse.

The campsite operates a coffeehouse throughout the Gathering, which offers hot and cold drinks, pastries, and chocolate things. Information about membership in the campground will also be available there. Firewood, ice, and calling cards may also be purchased at the coffeehouse. All proceeds benefit the intentional community for its land project.

One outgoing public phone is located at the coffeehouse. Limited calls can be made collect or via calling card on this phone. If you need to make a lot of calls, or receive calls, you should arrange for your own personal cellular phone service. Cellular service can be spotty within the campground, but is generally available near the gatehouse and shower house. The coffeehouse also has limited free wireless Internet access.

Trash & Recycling
There are provisions for disposing of recyclable materials and compostable food waste at the campground. A trailer will be parked on site to accept your bagged trash, but please pack "green" to minimize waste! Recycling receptacles are located at the coffeehouse. Please separate your recyclables when disposing of them. Megis County unfortunately does not recycle glass. The Grove may make arrangements to collect glass and take it back to Columbus for recycling (we have done so in prior years). You may burn any burnable trash in your fire ring (cardboard and paper make good tinder to start your fire). Propane cylinders are trash and cannot be recycled.